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La Jolla Developmental Pediatrics is located in the La Jolla/UCSD area just west of I-5 off of La Jolla Village Drive.



The initial consultation includes obtaining patient information including completed forms prior to the visit. It is a 2-hour evaluation process that includes review of all records and completed forms prior to the appointment, in depth history-taking with the parents followed by evaluation and physical examination of the child. The final 30-45 minutes is spent reviewing the details of the treatment plan and results of the evaluation.

Young adults up the age of 25 with a history of learning, developmental, and emotional problems from childhood are welcome to the practice.

Some parents may prefer to meet Dr. Pionk prior to scheduling an initial consultation. Dr. Pionk has created a preliminary consultation visit for those parents who prefer to meet the doctor to discuss concerns prior to scheduling a full evaluation. This may be done in person or by phone and usually lasts 60 minutes. It provides an opportunity for the parents to meet Dr. Pionk and discuss concerns at length. It is designed for parents only. This session provides parents with a clear understanding of the evaluation process and the different treatment approaches that are available. Referral to appropriate resources may be necessary if Dr. Pionk is unable to meet the needs of the patient.

Follow-up visits are tailored to the individual needs of the patient and may last 30 or 60 minutes. Medication monitoring requires a minimum of 30 minutes. Patient visits are scheduled regularly and vary monthly to every 3 months depending on the situation. More frequent follow-up may be needed with medication changes. Follow-up for developmental progress often requires longer intervals between visits.

Phone Consultations may be offered as follow-up visits in certain situations.


Initial Consultation — 120 minutes
Preliminary Consultation Visit — 60 minutes
Follow-up Visit — 30 minutes
Follow-up Visit — 60 minutes

Fees and Insurance
The fees for consultative services are listed below. We do not accept or bill insurance as payment. We require payment-in-full at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, credit card, or check. After full payment is received, we will then provide all necessary paperwork in order to file a claim with your insurance for possible reimbursement. Please be advised, if your appointment exceeds the allotted time designated to your appointment, you will be responsible for additional fees. Click here for Helpful Tips to get your visit reimbursed.

Preliminary Consultation - 60 minutes ($450)
This consultation is for parents who have questions relating to scheduling an initial evaluation. It offers parents the opportunity to meet Dr. Pionk and discuss their concerns and answer any questions prior to scheduling a consultation. This visit is designed for parents only.

The Initial Consultation - 120 minutes ($900)
The Initial Consultation includes a detailed history of the current problem, extensive review of birth, past medical, developmental, behavioral, family, social, school and sleep history. Prior treatments and therapies are also reviewed. This consultation includes a review of all pertinent medical records, laboratory tests, imaging studies, prior evaluation and testing, school reports, and current evaluations from teachers and therapists. An e-mail follow-up is included with the initial consultation, as well as the completed report.

Follow-up Visit - 30 minutes ($200) / 40 minutes ($300) / 60 minutes ($425)
These visits are scheduled according to the needs of the individual. Medication monitoring requires a minimum follow-up every 3-4 months. With changes in medication, closer follow-up is required, often on a monthly basis.

Phone Follow-up Consultation- 30 minutes ($200) / 60 minutes ($425)
A phone consultation may be needed periodically although it does not take the place of a face-to-face visit with the clinician. This consultation is billed similarly to follow-up visits.

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